Dec 21

Install Raspbian using Linux

  1. Get an SD card.
  2. Download Raspbian Wheezy.
  3. Insert your SD card and get mount information.
  4. Run df to find mount point and device name.
  5. Unmount the SD card.
  6. Format SD card in FAT 32.
  7. Copy .img file to SD card using dd.

Nov 09

Twonky Media Server Install and Systemd config

This post describes the process to install Twonky Media Server 8.3 on Centos7 and enable startup on boot.

  • Download the binaries here
    • wget
  • Unzip the package into /usr/local/twonky
  • Create the following directory /var/twonky
  • Create the following file in /etc/systemd/system/twonkyserver.service

  • Reload systemd
    • ¬†systemctl daemon-reload
  • Start twonkyserver
    • systemctl start twonkyserver
  • Enable twonkyserver
    • systemctl enable twonkyserver
  • Reboot and test your work!
  • Grab a beer

Nov 08

Linksys SPA-3102 and Incredible PBX 12.0.70

First of all you need to install incredible pbx. Simple instructions are here. I am using a VM built on Xenserver but any PC or VM should be able to work for you.

Next you need to have a compatible Voice Gateway devices. I am using an old Linksys SPA-3102 which enables Voice over IP.

You will also need a half decent wireless phone system. I am using an AT&T dec system with 5 handsets

Pretty easy so far right?

Configure the SPA-3102 as follows:



Next goto your Incredible PBX admin screen


and add your google account under Connectivity / Google Voice


You now need to setup your connection to your Linksys SP-3102 under “Applications / Extensions”

-Create Generic PJSIP Devic



Jan 28

Drupal on Docker in 30 seconds

Install Docker

After that you just need to pull a drupal container from docker hub

Access new docker environment on http://yourdockerserver:8080

account login is admin / admin


Grab a beer

Jan 18

If you have been helped by this website… why not buy me a cup of coffee?

I have recently setup Bitcoin and am able to receive payments through this amazing and complicated payment system. Simply scan the QR code below using one of the many Bitcoin Mobile applications and send me a donation.



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