Jan 28

Drupal on Docker in 30 seconds

Install Docker

After that you just need to pull a drupal container from docker hub

Access new docker environment on http://yourdockerserver:8080

account login is admin / admin


Grab a beer

Jan 18

If you have been helped by this website… why not buy me a cup of coffee?

I have recently setup Bitcoin and am able to receive payments through this amazing and complicated payment system. Simply scan the QR code below using one of the many Bitcoin Mobile applications and send me a donation.



Nov 08

Google Spotting!

Google Maps of our Vanagon




Nov 03

Docker install on OpenSuse Tumbleweed




Sep 18

Quick one liner to get a full OPatch inventory of your Oracle Middleware Server


After trying to use OEM to grab all the patches from every installed Oracle product, I gave up and decided to write my own one liner. Customize to match your weblogic install directory.

This script will first find all Middleware Homes specifically using Weblogic, then run the lsinventory or lspatches to display a full listing.

  • First, sign in as the “oracle” user
  • Second, run the following command on your linux system



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